Mark Bumgarner

Sometimes you take a few detours before you arrive at that place you were meant to be all along. Such is the case with designer Mark Bumgarner, who discovered his love for fashion after traveling the world as a race car driver.

“During the time I was racing formula cars (open-wheel race cars), I would travel the world over and this is how I got interested in fashion—seeing different women with different styles and tastes from other cultures and places. I thought fashion was interesting.”

Now, he’s a driven designer, creating wedding gowns and streamlined silhouettes. Not shy of his roots, he even held a fashion show alongside Mazda cars at the recent Manila International Auto Show. His designs have also been snatched up by celebrities such as Heart Evangelista and Maggie Wilson-Consunji.

This year, Mark Bumgarner offers RTW options for clients and would be clients as he collaborate with Mosaic for the first time.

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