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Sari Lazaro Designer Series

Rising Filipino designer Sari Lazaro was chosen by fashion model and catwalk show producer Jessica Minh Anh, along with four other designers from different countries, to present their creations at the J Winter Fashion Show 2017 on Jan. 26. 

With Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Louvre and other architectural wonders as backdrop, the young Pinay designer showcased her “Royal Secret Garden” collection, an exquisite demonstration of her impeccable craftsmanship, beadwork and embroidery techniques. 

In choosing Lazaro to be part of the show, Minh Anh earlier said, “I’m impressed by Sari Lazaro’s beading and embroidery techniques. Her classic designs mixed with contemporary draping certainly bring in some intriguing surprises.”

Jessica Min Anh leads the models on the 100-meter floating runway 

During her set, which was the last part of the show, the designer stirred up romance, mystique and new age flair using dramatic laser cut details on luxurious silks as well as soft flowing tulles and laces. Using romantic colors such as old rose, cream, pink beige, muted gold and cerulean blue, the dresses exuded modern luxury and sophistication; as if they were part of a princess’s wardrobe—and could very well be. 

The finale design worn by Minh Anh was every inch royalty, with contemporary twist. The Sari Lazaro-designed gown featured a special three-dimension skirt which highlighted the supermodel’s waistline while enhancing her powerful presence. 


- An article publish this year 2017-